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There’s no difference- a gynaecologist doesn’t get asked these questions if they’re doing pap smears for women with disability.Even with personal trainers, people adapt their service delivery according to the range of movement and motion of the person’s body and their physicality- what they can and can’t do.Generally when you’re a sex workers you speak directly to the client and its all very quiet and discreet.Q: How common is it for family members to arrange visits between sex workers and people with disability?Her organisation claims that access to the sex industry is a human rights issue for people with disabilities.They aim to assist “people with disability and sex workers to connect with each other, focusing on access, discrimination, human rights and legal issues and the attitudinal barriers that these two marginalised communities can face” Wotton has also said she aims to eventually create the world’s first not-for-profit brothel.Now I can show another sex worker where that’s stored; I can teach another sex worker about some very specific things that he may like, or how he’s using his eyes to direct me, what that means, and how to read that kind of communication.

When there’s a carer, or a support worker, or a parent, or a brother or sister who’s assisting someone to see a sex worker- that’s a different part of my professional life as a sex worker that is different.

Today, Mamamia sits down with Wotton to ask about her interaction with clients’ parents, her work with older men, and why she found Helen Hunt’s portrayal of a sex surrogate in Q: You’ve said elsewhere that the role of a sex worker, in relation to some clients with disability, is about more than the act of sex itself. A: People so often have this myopic view of what sex workers do, and who we are and what we look like, hence one of the reasons why Scarlet Road was created- to really show the diverse nature of the sex industry, and the diverse nature of those who participate in the sex industry and our client base.

The definition of disability is a very wide spectrum- so, someone with depression who hasn’t been touched for four years- [there’s an element of] ‘skin hunger’ there.

They haven’t been touched for two or three years since she passed away, and they’re just easing themselves back in, so they come to see me just for a sexual massage- so there’s no penetrative sex. …My friend, she’s in her 60s, and she talks about [how] her client’s daughter organised for her to go and see her father, and her father’s suffering from dementia… They want someone older with life experience and things that they can talk about.

Q: So what sort of challenges do you face in seeing clients with disability?

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