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The other memory was they hurt like hell for the first few weeks and were hard.It was much easier when my RX dropped and soft contacts came around.Colin , Hi David, I also had my glasses from a very young age.I had cateracts removed at 6 weeks old and had glasses with elastic round the back of my head.

Regarding sports, as I only play with contacts, when I tried some table tennis recently, I found I just couldn't hit anything, when normally i'm quite good.When my sister was at the DMV they asked her if her 1.00 glasses are just for reading. When I took off my glasses to try the test without them they acted weird about it. I wonder if they can subconsciously tell my glasses are pretty strong or if it was just because they saw me wear them more.Plus Tony , I think it is very much in the eye of the beholder and depends on their knowledge of lenses and preconceptions.It felt as though my eyes almost touched the back of the lenses and my eyelashes brushed against them. I was conscious about my eyesight and drove carefully but I don't think I was a danger to myself or other road users at the time. Owlish , Great pics David, thanks for putting them up.It's clear to me that the lenticular lenses look better and must be much lighter and more comfortable to wear.

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