Sky sexy chat lines

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Sky sexy chat lines

Jen had seemed tired the prior evening, so John didn't want to wake her and quietly slipped out the door once he was dressed.

Jen awoke when she heard the metallic click of the hotel room door closing behind John as he left.

Then, she laid down and reached behind her to untie the top of her bikini to avoid more lines.

She left the top of her bikini on underneath her, trapping it between herself and the chair.

She would soon learn that this was far from the truth.

They were both attractive, worked out regularly and kept in great shape. They had a profound connection and emotional bond together. The success of their marriage hinged on the deep-rooted trust they had for one another. They were open to having sex with other partners, but that's not to say that they had an open marriage.

Despite wanting a release, she knew that stopping herself short of orgasm now would lead to a much stronger orgasm with John when she finally did cum later. After cleaning herself up for the morning, Jen rummaged through her suitcase to find a swimsuit.

She didn't much care for big tan lines, and since no one was at the pool, she decided to go with a tiny G-string bikini.

Her back started to arch as she tilted her head back toward the headboard. Jen was a little surprised no one was at the pool on such a nice day, but figured it made sense since they were staying at more of a business hotel than a resort.

Jen was about to cum, but caught herself and suddenly stopped right before orgasming. Having not really enjoyed sightseeing and not knowing where to go, she decided she would go get some sun and read a book by the pool.

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It was more revealing than what she normally wore in public, but figured she had her cover up in the event anyone else showed up at the pool.