Spamcure not updating

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Spamcure not updating

Any aoe situation will phase out scholar pretty hard.

Put those garbage a** confessions on medica, and the base medica 2 for 15%, an ANY and EVERY active regen tick for 5% and cure 2 and 3 procs guarantee a conf on the target(s).

Frank Longo isn't the kind of guy who chokes up easily.

The pre-eminent neurologist is better known for his professional stoicism and scholarly approach to the devastation he sees weekly in his Alzheimer's patients--the people who come into his office at the Stanford University School of Medicine, their memory just a little bit worse than the last time he saw them.

Add an ability to burn one confession on a single target for a moderate heal or a shield without the heal.Imaging showed the drug maintained the brain metabolism of sufferers while in those given a placebo it decreased.It also appears to have an effect on inflammation, meaning more brain neurons survive longer.Seems like they just didn't give a f*** since this would definitely put them on par, when tho the RNG aspect is bulls*** overload. Guess which option is not only a huge waste of MP, but also cuts your DPS?See, how can we just sit here and think of much better sounding stuff in less than a day, while SE has a dedicated balancing team, or something close to it, working on all jobs across the board and they all settled on "hey, let's make all their new heals RNG, gated behind spamming spells you should try to avoid spamming, and make that RNG buff need to be stacked 3 times for any real benefit! 600 potency heal that doesn't even heal everyone, and a barrier that's weaker than AST and SCH barriers by an almost funny amount. On that note, it also takes an average of 15 GCDs to build your stacks up to three. It's not just a problem of adding RNG to their mechanics. The problem is that the mechanic tries to trick you into playing suboptimally and then pretending as if a 10% reduced recast time is worth wasting 10 GCDs on. It provides DPS for the party, and it's consistent.

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