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300 Annual lleport of tlie Asiatic Society for 1851, * . Above all let him see what distinguished Alexander from other conquerors and secured to his successors for many centuries the dominion of the world.

With exception of Soorut Singh, there was in the Sikh army but one thought, and that was how they might shun further encounter. And let him who would emulate in a better cause deeds that live fresh in memory after the lapse of two thousand years, study the masterly manoeuvre of Alexander, the saga- city which conceived, the patient toil which matured, the consummate skill and courage which completed the operation.

JOURNAL OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OP BENGAL, EDITED BY TII£ SECRETARIES. But he adds,* the great danger to the boats was from the power of the current, and the huge stones hurled down thereby.

Arrian truly describes it as being more than a mile wide during the monsoon.

Nearly the whole of the Sikh horse had disappeared.

The whole of the tract from Mungla to Sookchynepoor is so lovely, so bright, so attractive, that it may be considered the paradise of the Greek possessions in the Punjaub ; and as connected with the greatest of Alexander’s and of their own exploits, would assuredly have been classic ground in their ages. Boorial (North of the river), from ^(Jpctog, Northern. All Alexander’s cavalry were wafted over upon such rafts. Even Nokodur upon the Western brink of the river basin, may be a corruption of Nt Wa, though not, I think, the Nakaia we are seeking, which ought to be upon the Eastern bank.

) But however that be, we have the village Seem (quasi (njfia, the sepulchre). And finally we have the Hindi town Sookchynepoor (built upon the site of a town whose name is lost) the place of comfort and enjoyment where the army refreshed after the battle, celebrating the obsequies of the slain with ‘ chariot races and gymnasia. Pund6r and Pundora, quasi iravhuipa, (richly endowed,) so named perhaps from some Grecian woman.

That Alexander must have skirted the mountains of Huzara, the realm of Abisares, after his passage of the Indus. That the probabilities are in favour of his having followed the Jelum route to the Hydaspes. Jy, victory — lim, house, — the habitation or abode of victory ; which is just a translation of the Greek name Nikaia.

19" Law of Storms in the ludia^ and China Seas, A Tw'enty-ffrst Men air on the. If then ray arguments have not been in vain, I have shown — 1st.

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It occurs in an obscure corner of the basin of the Indus, far up amongst the independent Pathans — i. 2 H 2 238 On the Sites of Nikaia and Boukephalon, [No. and Huzara forces, had probably about 18,000 regular troops, 20,000 irregulars, and about 55 guns ; and Lord Gough had in all H,000 men under arms.

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