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Template dating

To learn about the format of the template and how you construct it, see Create your first Azure Resource Manager template.To view the JSON syntax for resources types, see Define resources in Azure Resource Manager templates.You can retrieve a template for an existing resource group by either exporting the current state of the resource group, or viewing the template used for a particular deployment.Viewing the exported template is a helpful way to learn about the template syntax.Resource Manager provides a consistent management layer for the tasks you perform through Azure Power Shell, Azure CLI, Azure portal, REST API, and development tools. You use the tools that work best for you, and can use them interchangeably without confusion.The following image shows how all the tools interact with the same Azure Resource Manager API.The infrastructure for your application is typically made up of many components – maybe a virtual machine, storage account, and virtual network, or a web app, database, database server, and 3rd party services.

By using a template, you can repeatedly deploy your solution throughout its lifecycle and have confidence your resources are deployed in a consistent state.

But, you do not have to define your entire infrastructure in a single template.

Often, it makes sense to divide your deployment requirements into a set of targeted, purpose-specific templates.

When you create a solution from the portal, the solution automatically includes a deployment template.

You do not have to create your template from scratch because you can start with the template for your solution and customize it to meet your specific needs.

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The following suggestions help you take full advantage of Resource Manager when working with your solutions.

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