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-All racial texture and display errors from the 2013 versions, resolved. Not compatible with the original Opulent Outfits(2013), Maids & Merchants, or any related mods or resources that point to the original 2013 version.

-Completely overhauled naming, weights, costs and some effects. Replaces Mage Court Wizard outfits only.*Replacer does not require Consistent Older People mod.

CCF patch is for For users of the original opulent mod\mods or upgrading current versions of Opulent Outfits Due to the way the game engine handles changes to outfits in existing saves(poorly), it will be common to see naked NPCs or NPCs with partial outfits in cases where Opulent files are upgraded or updated.

If you are starting a new game, the game will properly load all Opulent content for the version you have installed w/o any errors.

If you are UPDATING, then you will likely encounter NPCs that either are a) naked b) partially outfitted or c) do not have their new outfits at all.

In such cases, the enable disable fix will usually resolve the issue and force the game to load their new outfits.

-Completely updated for USSEP, along with updated compatibility patches for select mods.

However, everytime i try to load medal of honor, it states i need to update my version. It should look something like this for MP: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Medal of Honor Standard Edition\MP. basically i can update and play single player but when i try to update multiplayer i have version 581582 and the latest it says is 592256 and i hit update it downloads files and gets to loader-00and either just frezes and stops updating or comes up with an error which i have only received twice can anyone help?I am a wielder of the flame; a champion of balance. When i try to start the game I´m informed that there is an update avaliable pressent install version 75 avaliable 76. Thank players and help them 'Level Up' by giving them XP.When I click 'ok' it then states i can't and must be an administrator to do so. In here you'll find SP: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Medal of Honor Standard Edition\Binaries. I forgot to put in that if you look at the properties of the exe files, and go to the tab compatibility you can turn on: run this program as administrator. In here you'll find Right click the file and choose run administrator to directly run the mp of sp update. If you do this you can run the game as normal and administrator priviliges will be applied everytime when the updater is started before loading the game.

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Old standalone merchant and features are now included, at no extra charge. Both Vanilla, USLEEP and the original OMo W, assigned many NPCs, outfits that do not really align with either their skillsets and or class. Sergious Turrianus uses standard vanilla textures.*Clothing and Clutter Fix users will require the updated CCF script.

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