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Updating my sat nav

Using Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), sat nav devices can warn you of upcoming toll roads, hazards and speed cameras, and can offer lane guidance to help you stay in the right lane at junctions.

Our range, including Garmin and Tom Tom sat nav systems, lets you choose from simple UK-only map models to extensive mapping to help you get on the road wherever you go.

Instructions to remove specific parts can be found all over the internet.

All you need to do is google "bmw e90 remove [part]".

They also require your own ingenuity to mount and, at least on mine, a few mm needs to be shaved off from the CIC controller opening in the ALU trim. My CCC controller with haptic feedback would not register scrolling.

BMW continues to show that it sets the bar for true driving performance!There’s also a range of useful sat nav accessories to make using them easy.Warning A new law is prohibiting the speed camera notifications on your navigation system whilst driving in France.Your car may be different and may require parts suitable for your equipment package.I wasn't nearly as trigger happy with my camera as I should have been, and as a result, I took many pictures after the fact. If you own the image, please let me know and I can remove it or give credit.

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I'll only cover areas that are not well documented or I had trouble doing as others suggested.