Updating uag array member

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Updating uag array member

The fix is pretty simple – modify Default App Pool to Local System or create a new application pool that uses Local System.The first option is not recommended as there are other applications using the Default App Pool and doing so may give more rights than are required.I could not find this referenced anywhere else, so am hopeful that it will save somebody a lot of troubleshooting time. If you are impatient (and we have all been in that situation where we only care about the solution) then jump to the fix.On a recent customer project, we had a UAG array that needed to connect to a Hardware Load Balancer (HLB) Virtual IP address (VIP) which load balanced an Exchange Client Access Server (CAS) array.Creating a new application pool is possible in the IIS console, but the Default App Pool has quite a few non-standard settings.So the easiest way is to use the IIS Power Shell module to copy the application pool.

Attempting to work out if Outlook Anywhere NTLM with UAG and KCD was supported with a trust sent us down many conflicting documents and references.

A white paper by Greg Taylor from the Exchange Product Group was released by Microsoft in January 2011 Publishing Outlook Anywhere Using NTLM Authentication With Forefront TMG or Forefront UAG which covered the steps for TMG and UAG to enable NTLM Outlook Anywhere authentication.

This configuration guide covered a lot of the issues people encountered and worked fine if you used a single Exchange Client Access Server (CAS) or wanted UAG to perform the load balancing with a server farm.

Without the precreation I would get the error ‘Copy-Item : Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ when trying to copy.

Note the iisreset at the end – this will disconnect users so plan ahead.

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