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Validating dynamically created textboxes

This implementation could be moved inside the directive 'ng Model' or within its own directive 'ng Name', I left intentionally it in the Ng Model Controller because it's slightly faster, however I can refactor it as you prefer.this fixes also the issues #1404 and #2426" The current work-around is to use one nested form for each field but indeed it's an hack rather than a solution. current (1.1.1) nested forms doesn't seem to really work for input type, see e.g.Another important method to note here is the j Query.valid method which return true if the form is valid and return false if the form is not valid .There may be several occasions when you need to load your HTML contents dynamically. @spencerb02 it's not exactly that simple, if the form is outside of ng Repeat, and the length changes, you can still have stale stuff in the form --- during a redraw, if an element is moved, it is not re-transcluded. p=preview Thank you to the Angular JS devs for the changes apparently made in 1.3 because I had no trouble getting validation to work for dynamically-added form elements using ng Repeat in Angular JS 1.4.3 To summarize a slightly ambiguous discussion from earlier this year, Angular JS 1.3 now allows you to dynamically assign the name inside ng Repeat using the double curly braces. If you are having problems using dynamic element names, I would suggest creating a live demo of the issue and posting it to one of the appropriate support channels.

The current work-around is to use one nested form for each field but indeed it's an hack rather than a, I don't think we actually have to care about the name changing --- however, support for that should be pretty trivial with $observe(). Being able to pass name arguments to directives as part of their isolate scope would make life much easier.Nobody has ever complained about needing these names to change before, basically In other words, I think we should start with the simple fix, and then update to support changing control names if people need that in the future (I think the problem with that is really the difficulty with things like radio controls, where you have multiple controls with the same name) Is the documentation wrong then at this point? Currently having to hodge : into every application that requires dynamic validation and it just feels hacky.NET MVC 2 client side validation for backward compatibility. public Action Result Create User() [Http Post] public Action Result Create User Previous(User Information u) [Http Post] public Action Result Create User Information(User Information u) [Http Post] public Action Result Create User Company Information(User Company Information uc, User Information ui) Now run this application.I feel it is worth to rewrite that blog post for ASP. You will get the same behavior as described in this article.

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