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The only case (the ONLY case) where I'd support having this option, is for typing in long things like WEP keys or passphrases.Guess what, web forum accounts or whatever, do not count. I don't want to ever, EVER see my banking password in clear text, anywhere. So the only realistic option, for most uses of passwords, is (3): always mask them.Other users will not notice that the password is plain text until they start typing it in one of those situations.For 99% of situations where passwords are used, this is a stupid idea and should not be implemented.There are other important reasons as well: Password values should not remain cached in the back/forward history, a password value should not be possible to copy to the clipboard, and password managers wouldn't be able to recognize a login form without a 'password' type field. • July 3, 2009 PM Keepass ( is a password safe program.

Two, personal handheld devices are used very close to the body, making shoulder surfing all that much harder.

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen opened up a can of worms when he made the case for unmasking passwords in his blog. Almost 165 comments on my blog (and several articles, essays, and many other blog posts) later, the consensus is that we were wrong. Like any security countermeasure, password masking has value.

But like any countermeasure, password masking is not a panacea.

As part of my job, I have to help people who are not computerphiles (more like computerphobes) reset their passwords. I wouldn't be surprised to find out I'm doing an average of 50 password resets per week.

And maybe 3 of those successfully get their password changed on the first try.

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Or even do the Lotus Notes thing where you get visual feedback as you type the password, but you don't get a row of stars telling you (and shoulder surfers) how many characters long it is.

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