Vietnam veteran dating service

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Vietnam veteran dating service

The majority of this research involved female partners (typically wives) of male Veterans; however, there is much clinical and anecdotal evidence to suggest that these problems also exist for couples where the identified PTSD patient is female.

Research that has examined the effect of PTSD on intimate relationships reveals severe and pervasive negative effects on marital adjustment, general family functioning, and the mental health of partners.

Our VSOs and MSOs provide tremendous support and are our advocates before Congress, third-party spokespeople, grassroots influencers to communities, and the nurturing hand standing behind those in uniform every day.

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This fact sheet provides information about the common problems experienced in relationships in which one (or both) of the partners has PTSD.

(10) Related to impaired relationship functioning, a high rate of separation and divorce exists in the veteran population (those with PTSD and those without PTSD).

Approximately 38% of Vietnam veteran marriages failed within six months of the veteran's return from Southeast Asia.

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Numerous studies have found that partners of Veterans with PTSD or other combat stress reactions have a greater likelihood of developing their own mental health problems compared to partners of Veterans without these stress reactions.

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