Ways men test women theyre dating sex dating in lafayette colorado

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Ways men test women theyre dating

It doesn't even stick to clothes despite overspraying it.

This is one of those fragrances that I simply do not know how to classify (ie, some fragrances are classified as fresh spicy, or aquatic, etc), so I can see how some reviewers have stated that when this first came out, some folks did not know what to make of this one. I am picky about tea scents on my skin, so I think that could be the 'problem' here as to me not quite liking this one. I do not dislike this, but..can't quite say that I like this. I will keep this for days I want "something different".

I've been meaning to review this for a while because it deserves praise. I've received comments about smelling "clean" multiple times when wearing this.

I like it very much and I'm surprised at that because it's definitely a unisex fragrance, which generally don't appeal to me. And to top it off, this fragrance clings on to my clothes and skin for a very long time. Grade: A I agree with the reviews saying that this could easily be unisex.

This is what I call an "interesting" fragrance: one that I can't say I dislike, yet not one that I can say that I do like.

To be honest, I am not sure what to think of this one.

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