What do u mean by dating Bi chat room uk

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What do u mean by dating

Although (just being picky), it's not exactly making you "look" old- it's more showing how old you really are.

The "really" stresses how old they are, not how specifically they can be dated from the example It doesn't need to be knowledge; it can be an opinion.

The phrase "this will date me" is often used when referring to something that you would/could only know about if you are old.

"This" is referring to whatever example or topic you are about to say.

The phrase is sort of "admitting" that you are old before outright giving it away by the example you are going to use.

When talking about the "undo" feature on a computer, "This will date me, but when I was using a typewriter I had to be very careful about making mistakes." @Mohsin Well, I can't speak to how something will sound in your language, but yes that's the idea.

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