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Who is alison lohman dating

Her personal brand of charm is usually quite winning. However, if she does not get what she wants, Alison Lohman is likely to resort to insincere flattery, wheedling, whining or pouting rather than stating directly what she needs, or doing it for herself. She is very sensitive to her surroundings and inclined to be easily influenced by others.

Alison Lohman tends to avoid confrontations, discussions or arguments for fear that she cannot stand up to them.

Binding commitments, responsibilities and relationships often weigh heavily upon Alison and she may resist "growing up" and assuming the limitations of adult life.

She is friendly and outgoing and has a great sense of fun and playfulness.

Idealistic and optimistic, she always expects something better ahead.

The possibility of discovering something new is what makes life interesting for her.

She may also be seen as a wise person since she does not get bogged down in pettiness and trivialities, and is able to communicate a broader perspective that opens up new horizons.

She is a person who believes in miracles, grace, or just plain good luck, someone who never gives up on life, and she inspires and encourages others to keep looking ahead.

She is often a big talker, a big maker of promises, and she is usually pretty convincing. Lohman likes to have the best, and she heartily dislikes stinginess, small mindedness or pettiness. She is able to perceive the big picture, general patterns and principles, and she is well suited to politics, business, higher education or religion.

Others see Alison Lohman as a good sport and a good friend, but one who is not always consistent and dependable.

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