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When he wasn’t needed on set to oversee a challenge or, occasionally, lay down the law, he used his downtime to prepare for the EMT exam he just passed.

During previous seasons, while everyone else was busy drinking, fighting and/or hooking up, Lavin started studying to be a firefighter in Thailand, learned to surf in Brazil and became an advanced scuba diver in Panama.

host's health is "slowly progressing." Lavin was first hospitalized after failing to get his feet back on his bike pedals mid-air during the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas.

And a few others, including one-time Playboy model Veronica Portillo, who first starred on in—wait for it—1999. I can’t help but notice that all these people are pretty attractive. It is hot and sweaty and people are working out constantly without shirts.

I’m also willing to bet that, on certain occasions, maybe when you were by yourself, late at night, with an open bottle of port wine (just go with this), you lingered there, marveling at the pressure-cooker of testosterone and alcohol-driven sexual inhibition that, combined, has created one of the most consistently ridiculous shows on TV.

summer camp-like competitions and that one night you got wasted and started a fight—America’s fifth major sport.

PHOTOS: Stars who survived medical nightmares According to Lavin's pal Chas Aday, doctors took him off sedation for a short time on Saturday to perform a few simple tests before conducting an MRI.

"They didn't see any further brain damage or anything but there's still some swelling there," Aday told MTV on Sunday.

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He was severely injured when he attempted a 'nac nac' jump combination and fell.