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Www jewsdating com

However, living in Brooklyn not far from Orthodox neighborhoods, Scur was familiar with the modest dress of religious Jewish women.She wasn’t surprised to discover that her costume would involve wearing a shell, a layering shirt of body-skimming Lycra, worn by Orthodox women under sleeveless and low-necked dresses and tops.She’d seen then worn by women on the street and sold in shops near her apartment.Scur said she was glad to have ended up involved with this project, as it is a great way for her to immerse herself in a different world, but in a somewhat light-hearted way.“Leah is a really good writer, and the series is actually funny. Gottfried is optimistic that non-Jews, as well as Jews, will be drawn to “Soon By You,” since TV series and films about subcultures are of the moment.She cited “Master of None,” the popular Aziz Ansari Netflix series about a 30-year-old actor of Indian background making his way in New York, and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.” The “Soon By You” creator is just as intent on presenting Modern Orthodox Judaism in an authentic way, and on exposing it to a wider audience.There is little understanding out there of the range within Orthodox Judaism,” Gottfried said.Future episodes will include an Orthodox feminist character, and will also deal with the subject of premarital sex.

Sara Scur, who plays Sarah Feldman, is also single and comes from another religious community in which members often marry in their late teens or early twenties.The woman David has just met is Sarah Feldman, not his date, whose name is Sarah Jacobson.(As Sarah Feldman tells the waiter, who is befuddled by the goings on, “It was all a misunderstanding.Sarah’s a pretty common name, you know.”) Sarah Jacobson, masterfully played by Gottfried, turns out to be humorless, superficial, and overly talkative.She’s totally unlike the other Sarah, an intellectual and artist who gets David’s jokes — and can also make a few of her own.

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But Leah Gottfried, a 25-year-old actor and director, decided she’d rather laugh and created a comedic web series called “Soon By You,” an irreverent look at the ups and downs of searching for one’s in the Big Apple.

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