Zach braff dating taylor bagley

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Zach braff dating taylor bagley

Braff was taken aback, not least because actress Kristen Bell used the same methods to raise money for the film version of her show Veronica Mars.

“Everyone thought [that] was cool,” he says, a little bitterly.

Originally from Tennessee, she relocated to New York City.

The former Scrubs star has been dating Bagley since 2009, but his representative has confirmed their romance has come to an end.

But that didn’t happen.”Tired of “slamming my head against the wall”, Braff decided to try an alternative: the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

“Not only is that me, but everything my fanbase likes. I find it so silly.” Wisely, Braff hasn’t oversaturated the market since finishing Scrubs five years ago.

He wrote and starred in a play, All New People – about a suicide case. “I don’t do stuff unless it’s something I would want to go see, or working with a film-maker I really like.” For the most part, however, he was trying to follow up Garden State.

“I did it, and all of a sudden everyone had a problem with it.

So I realised I had to, whether I wanted to or not, launch a year-long campaign correcting a lot of the misinformation... fall in love with the woman who I want to be my baby-mama!

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Co-written with his older brother Adam, it sees Braff play struggling actor Aidan Bloom, a 35-year-old still clinging to his dreams of success when reality – money, family, illness – begins to impede.